Join us for the first-ever E-Sports Rocket League. This amateur single-elimination tournament is open to gamers 16-years and older.

To sign-up for the E-Sport tournament fill out the form below. Full instructions and rules are listed below.

● Amateur Tournament
● Free Entry
● Open to all 16 years and up
● Max 64 Participants
● 1 V1
● Single Elimination
● Rounds 1&2 = Single 5 Minute Round
● Rounds 3,4&5 = Best of 3, 5 Minutes or 5 Goals

● Rounds 1&2 played on Friday
● Rounds 3,4&5 on Saturday
● First Games will begin Friday at 3:00 PM Central Time
● All Seeding is Random
● All Platforms welcome
● No Profane GamerTags will be admitted
● No Custom Skins

Rules and Info

●  The tournament will be conducted as a series of private matches
●  All Matches will be streamed Live on YouTube via the CISN.TV page
●  CISN_TV will host and spectate each match, no other spectators will be allowed
●  Each Match will be assigned a designated start time

○ In the event of overtime or other delays participants will be notified
●  Match Name and Password will be provided 10 minutes before the
scheduled start time
●  Participants must join the game within 5 minutes of their scheduled start
time or they will forfeit the match
●  In the event of a participant being disconnected mid match no rematch will be allowed. The disconnected party will forfeit the match
●  Participantes on the top of each pairing will be Blue, Participantes on the bottom will be Orange
●  Only Blue and Orange skins will be allowed
●  CISN reserves the right to refuse any entry if the prospective participants

GamerTag is deemed to be vulgar or inappropriate. This decision will be made at the sole discretion of CISN
●  Sign up deadline is 3:00 PM on the Wednesday before the tournament
●  Brackets will be generated and participants will be contacted by 5:00 PM on the Thursday before the tournament